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      佛法雙語工作坊 | 佛說四十二章經 第23章(2)妻子甚獄

      2021年04月06日 16:03:00 北京天開寺 點擊:0

      The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters - 23 (2)
      佛說四十二章經 第23章(2)

      後漢 西域沙門迦葉摩騰 竺法蘭 同譯
      Translated jointly by Indian Sramana Kasyapa Matanga and Dharmaraksa in the Later Han Dynasty

      法師講解  00:46 開始   單詞 03:13 開始

      第23章 妻子甚獄
      Family Tie More Confining Than Prison

      The Buddha said: "Men are tied up to their families and possessions more helplessly than in a prison.

      There is an occasion for the prisoner to be released, but householders entertain no desire to be relieved from the ties of family.


      When a man's passion is aroused nothing prevents him from ruining himself.


      Even into the maws of a tiger will he jump.


      Those who are thus drowned in the filth of passion are called the ignorant.


      Those who are able to overcome it are saintly Arhats."

      英文版經文轉載自 菩提字幕屋,英譯者 D.T. Suzuki
      English  version sourced from Bodhi Fansubs, translated by D.T. Suzuki

      法師講解:23 妻子甚獄 (2)
      Commentary: Family tie more confining than prison (2)

      There is such a case in the Buddhist scripture: During the time of Buddha Vipasyin, there was an elder’s son who wanted to become a monk and cultivate under Buddha’s guidance so that he would likely attain arhatship. However his parents disapproved of his request, and also forced him to get married. After marriage he reconsidered his wish to become a monk, so he talked to his parents again. This time his parents required that he have a child first before leaving home. Later he had a son as he wished. When his child reached 6 years old, he was prepared to leave home for cultivation. However, the parents abetted the child to hug his father’s legs and beg by weeping and wailing. As a result, this elder’s son completely gave up his monastic plan. Because of the emotional attachment between parents and children, this elder’s son missed the Dharma, and thereafter he was trapped in samsara for 91 kalpas before becoming an arhat. From this we can understand how emotional attachment can trap a person into cyclic rebirth.

      佛經有一個公案:毗婆尸佛的時代,一位長者子欲隨佛陀出家修行,有望證得阿羅漢果。但他父母並不同意,更強迫他結婚;楹笏稚鸪黾业拇蛩,于是就再次請求父母。這次他的父母要求他生個兒子后才允許他出家。后來他如愿生下一個兒子,當兒子六歲時他準備離家修道,這時他父母便教唆他的小孩抱著他父親的腿,哭哭啼啼,結果這位長者子從此就再沒有出家的想法了。因為父母跟孩子的情執,長者子錯過了佛法,并生死輪回九十一劫后, 才證得阿羅漢果。由此可見,情執是如何把人束縛令墮生死輪回。

      Apart from this, when a person dies, three forces will determine his destiny of rebirth:
      除此之外, 佛法講人命終時有三種力量牽引我們輪回受生:

      1.  Severe karma: severe karma will come to fruition sooner than the mild one.


      2.  Habits: We will be dragged to the same environment as what we have established in our habit. For example, a horse fanatic may be reborn as a horse because his mind is full of horses at any time. 

      3. Last thoughts: We will follow our very last thoughts to our next life. If our last thoughts before death are virtuous, we will be reborn in a wholesome path whereas evil thoughts will lead us to an evil path. For example, if we chant the name of Amitabha Buddha, we will go to the Western Pureland. But if our very last thoughts are related to emotional attachment, we will not be able to escape from cyclic rebirth.

      講解 | 釋宏添   北京天開寺
      By Bhiksu Hong Tian,  Tiankai Temple


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